Bumbuli College of Health and Allied Sciences (BUCOHAS) is situated in Bumbuli District Council in TANGA Region. The Bumbuli College of Health and Allied Sciences (BUCOHAS) is owned by North Eastern Diocese (NED) of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) with full Registration number REG/HAS/073 and accredited with accreditation number 1997257. Bumbuli College of Health and Allied Sciences (BUCOHAS) is offering two programs; Diploma in clinical medicine and Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences

The institute started in 1951 at Iyambi in singida region. In 1952 it was established at Bumbuli where it named as MEDICAL ASISTANT TRAINING CENTRE ( MATC) where it was offering course in Rural medical aids. During the commencement of this Centre only student with form 2 and form 4 qualifications undertook 3 years of training (Pre Service) leading to a Certificate in Clinical Medicine.

In the year 1960 the training center enrolled Rural Medical Aids (RMA) which took 2 years training where the students who were enrolled were   awarded Diploma in Clinical assistant.

In 1974 there was a need for Rural Medicine Aid (RMA) to upgrade them to a Clinical officer course where this Clinical Officers’ Training Centre Bumbuli was the only centre which was selected by the Ministry of Health to enroll Rural Medicine Aid (RAM) to undertake the Clinical Officers Training.

In September 2014 SEBASTIAN KOLOWA MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY ( SEKOMU) took part of running this Training Center.

The institute started to enroll pre-service students. In September 2018 Bumbuli College of Health and Allied Sciences (BUCOHAS)was detached from SEKOMU and given full mandate to control itself.

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