Majina ya wanafunzi waliochaguliwa chuo cha BUMBULI september 2019/2010

SN CSEE NUMBER Full Name Gender 1 S0188/0083/2015 ABDALLAH A CHAMADE M 2 S0836/0148/2018 ABDUL W NTISI M 3 S0354/0067/2013 ABUBAKARI K MZIRAY M 4 S1665/0083/2016 ABUBAKARI SHABAN MBAILWA M 5 S4117/0080/2012 ADAMU MUSA M 6 S4564/0031/2018 AFRICAN A PAPALIKA M 7 S0368/0037/2015 AFRODISIUS MARTIN HHADO M 8 S0190/0001/2018 AGAPITH JEROME MUSHI M 9 S1277/0034/2014…

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