Bumbuli College of health and allied sciences (Bucohas) Collegewould like to announce to all students and community members, to provide ICT short course training, all educated applicants from seventh grade onwards are welcome.
The aim of the institute to implement this short to community is to provide employment opportunities for the occupation:

The occupation entails many opportunity aspects:

1. Public sector:

Public training institutions, Municipals, Ministries, Departments, Agents and Councils.

2. Private sector

  • Self-employment
  • Computer workshops

Courses Offered:

  • Basic Concept in Computer application (6 weeks)

    • Word processor (Microsoft Word)
    • Spread Sheet (Microsoft Excel)
    • Presentation (Microsoft Power Point)
    • Publish (Microsoft Publisher)
  • Basic Concept in Computer maintenance. (8 weeks)

    • Installation of computer and its peripherals
    • Computer assemble
    • Installation of operating system
    • Installation and maintaining application program
    • Installation of drivers
    • Perform preventive maintenance of computer tools
    • Perform preventive maintenance of computer equipment’s
    • Perform preventive maintenance of computer
  • Basic concept of website development (8 weeks)

    • Website design layouts
    • Creating web pages
    • Uploading contents
    • Maintaining website and web hosting server
    • Website development by using WordPress
  • Basic graphic design (6 weeks)

    • Work with graphics
    • Color mixing
    • Adobe Photoshop

Pata fomu yako ya maombi hapa (toleo la kiswahili): http://bumbulicotc.ac.tz/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/ICT-APPLICATION-FORM-swahili-version.pdf

Get application form here (english version): http://bumbulicotc.ac.tz/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/ICT-APPLICATION-FORM.pdf

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